Live Event Photo Sharing With QR Code Stress Free

Discover how Wedibox can revolutionize your event photo sharing, creating a QR Code for wedding pictures or any event. Create an album with priceless moments captured by your guests stress free.

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"Using Wedibox made collecting our wedding photos effortless and unique. Highly recommended for any event!"

QR Code For Wedding Pictures Made Simple

Experience QR Code for wedding pictures a whole new way, gather and share memories from your events stress free. With every guest becomes a photographer, contributing their unique perspectives to your collective memory.

  • With Wedibox, every guest becomes a photographer, contributing their unique perspectives to your collective memory.
  • Experience a new way to gather and share memories from your events.
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Why Choose Wedibox for Your Event Photo Sharing and Wedding Pictures?

Our event photo sharing platform blends convenience, security, and community engagement, ensuring that every memory captured at your event is safely stored. With Wedibox, photo sharing becomes an integral part of your event's experience.

  • Collect every snap, shot, and selfie in one place.
  • Allow guests to easily upload their photos and videos via QR Code.
  • Secure and private: You control who gets access to your photos.
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How It Works

How QR Code for Wedding Pictures Works?

Invite guests to contribute to your event's photo collection through a user-friendly interface and capture life long memories!

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What Our Clients Say About Our QR Code For Wedding Pictures?

From newlyweds to corporate planners, hear firsthand how our unique platform enhances their experiences, simplifies photo sharing, and creates lasting digital memories.

Wedibox made our wedding so much more memorable! Our guests loved uploading their photos, and we've got a beautiful collection of moments from the day. It was easy, fun, and added a personal touch to our wedding. Thank you, Wedibox!

Sarah and Jake


As an event planner, Wedibox has become my go-to tool. It makes it so easy for guests to share their photos and memories from the events. My clients love the custom event pages and QR codes. Highly recommended!


V&V Events

Our company used Wedibox for our annual retreat, and it was a big hit. It was fantastic to see everyone's photos in one place, and the QR Code Photo Sharing feature was so innovative and easy to use.



I can't imagine organizing another event without Wedibox. The live event photo sharing, guest photo collection, and customizable event page features made my birthday party unforgettable. Wedibox, you're the best!



A QR Code Photo Sharing App Like No Other

QR Code Photo Sharing App designed to simplify the process of collecting and sharing photos from any event. We've replaced the complicated sharing methods with a quick, user-friendly solution. With a simple scan of a QR code, your guests can upload their cherished moments directly to your event's photo gallery.

  • Scan & Upload

    Our unique QR code system simplifies the process of photo sharing.

  • Snap & Share

    Guests scan the code, get directed to your event's gallery, and upload their photos - it's that easy.

  • One For All

    Every QR code is unique to each event, ensuring photos go to the right place.



Everything you need to know about the Wedibox. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please email
How does Wedibox work?
Wedibox allows couples to collect and store photos from their guests by providing them with a personalized QR code. Guests can scan the code and upload their photos to a personalized web page.
Why should I use Wedibox?
Wedibox makes it easy for you to collect and store all the photos from your special day in one place. With our convenient QR code technology and customizable templates, guests can easily upload their photos and you can have all your memories organized and at your fingertips.
How can I download my photos?
You can download all your photos from the Wedibox dashboard, in the "Collection" section.
Can I customize templates for the QR Code?
Yes, you can customize the templates for the QR code with your own text and design or select from our list of Canva designs.
Is there a limit to how many photos can be uploaded?
No, there is no limit to the number of photos you can upload with Wedibox.
Can I use Wedibox for events other than weddings
Yes, Wedibox is not limited to weddings, you can use it for any other events, such as anniversary celebrations, birthdays, graduations, etc.