Wedibox Partner Program

Join the Wedibox Partner Program and offer your clients a unique, digital memory-collecting platform. With our Partner Program, you get exclusive access to features that enhance your service offering, set you apart from competitors, and provide added value to your clients.
How It Works?
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What are the benefits?

Enhanced Service Offering

Differentiate your services and provide added value to your clients.

Increased Revenue Potential

Offer Wedibox as a premium add-on or bundle it with other services.

Client Referrals

By offering an additional, valuable service like Wedibox, professionals might see higher client satisfaction.

How To Join The Partner Program?

Joining the Wedibox Partner Program is straightforward. Here's how you can seamlessly integrate Wedibox into your offerings and enhance your clients' experience:
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1. Sign Up for the Partner Program

Click on the "Join Now" button and fill out the required details. Once registered, you'll get immediate access to the Partner dashboard.
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2. Introduce Wedibox to Clients

Introduce Wedibox to your clients and explain how it will enhance their event by capturing collective memories from all guests.
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3. Create Their Event Page

For each wedding or event you're involved with, set up a unique Wedibox event page tailored to that specific occasion.
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4. Send Your Client Their Event Page

Fill out your client's email address in the designated section. They'll receive a link to their personalized event page, which they can share with attendees.
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5. Wrap-up & Deliver

Once the event concludes, compile the digital memories and present them to your client.

Ready to become a Partner?

Start elevating your services and delight your clients! Click below to join the Wedibox Partner Program today!
What's Included:
Wedibox Event Packages For Clients
Feature on Our Vendor Page
Unique Offer for Clients
Affordable Pricing