Wedibox With Print Mini 16

Celebrate your special day with the Wedibox with Prints package. Not only does this package include everything from the Wedibox Digital package - a unique QR code linked to a custom page for your event, creating a dynamic, live photo album - but it also offers you prints to display on your wedding day.
Unlimited Photos & Videos
Unlimited Guests
Unique QR Code
Digital Guestbook
$ 79 USD
$ 119 USD
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1. Choose Wedibox Package

Start by selecting the package that best suits your event's needs. We offer two thoughtfully designed options:
  • Digital Only Package: Enjoy limitless sharing with unlimited photos, videos, guests, and messages, plus a year of access and live slideshow features, all in our comprehensive digital package.
  • Digital + Mini Card Prints: You'll receive everything included in the Digital Only package, plus beautifully designed mini card prints featuring your event's unique QR code. No need for DIY templates or the hassle of printing; we take care of it all.
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2. Activate Your Account

Upon purchase, an activation link lands promptly in your inbox. One click is all it takes to awaken your account, simplicity at its finest.
screenshot of Wedibox's wedding website designer on photo sharing app dashboard

3. Personalize Your Event Page

Customize your event page after activation by logging into your Wedibox account. Make it uniquely yours by adding event details, a cover photo, and more, creating an inviting space for guests to contribute their captures.
A wedding qr code for wedding pictures print displayed in wedding center piece

4. Display Your QR Code

Set up your QR code for collecting photos from guests with ease. Display it prominently at your event, ensuring guests can quickly scan and engage, contributing to the pool of memories through a simple scan.
Guests capturing moments and using QR code for wedding pictures via Wedibox

5. Announce, Capture, and Upload

Maximize engagement with your live photo sharing apps for events by having your DJ encourage guests to capture every moment. With Wedibox, everyone's a photographer, and every photo adds to the tapestry of your shared experience.
A vibrant gallery shared by wedding guests through Wedibox's qr code for wedding pictures

6. Relive Your Precious Memories

Dive back into the joy of your event with our photo sharing for groups feature. With every image or video, relive the laughter, tears, and unexpected moments, securely stored and easily accessible for years of reminiscing